We love TRUMP and the USA. We just seek the truth about what is going in the world. We have woken up!! We are a social group and a network of conservatives patriots who support President Trump. We are not a PAC and don’t endorse political candidates.
We are social group based in the DFW area and meet for coffee every Thursday at 8:00 AM at Community Grill in Frisco, TX .
2525 Main St. Frisco, TX 75034
Feel free to join us!!
We also have a great platform on Telegram for open conversations. https://t.me/dfwdeplorables
We are also on MeWe. https://mewe.com/join/dfwdeplorables
Deplorables Constitution
1.Respect the diversity of thought and the right to agree to disagree.
2.Any solicitation of political candidates, volunteers for political candidates or funds for political candidates at any level will not be tolerated.

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About the DFW Deplorables:

Our Mission:

         To strengthen the engagement and participation of freedom loving Americans through conservative outreach and patriotic fellowship.

Who We Are:

In February 2019, a friendly post was put on a neighborhood app in Frisco, Texas asking a simple question: “Do you love President Trump? Let’s meet up for coffee on Thursday morning and talk.” From that post, DFW Deplorables was born. Four patriots showed up, then eight, then twelve, then twenty and so on. Happy hours were a welcome addition for those who couldn’t always make it on Thursday mornings.

We discovered people are tired of being silent. Patriots from all backgrounds – Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Tea Party and even walk away Democrats – are proud of President Trump’s accomplishments, strengths and unmatched ability to resonate with ordinary, hard-working Americans. People want to connect with other Trump supporters but don’t always know where to begin. They are hungry to express their unashamed American pride, just as President Trump does, and they want to get involved. They want to Keep America Great!

When events are uplifting, informative and cheerful, the MAGA message resonates and is shared. Patriots are eager to come and bring family, friends and neighbors with them. Just like our coffee groups have grown, our happy hours and events have also expanded. From car parades and rallies to helping those in need, DFW Deplorables convey a message that conservative outreach and patriotic fellowship is alive and well. Our objective has always been clear: to help people wake up, seek the truth and take action.

What We Do:

         Our coffee meetings are the foundation of DFW Deplorables and part of what makes us unique. Each group within DFW Deplorables holds a weekly coffee meeting where speakers come and discuss particular topics or current events. We have several current and former elected officials as well as experts in subject matters who visit and engage with our groups. Announcements are made on upcoming events and meetings, along with time for fellowship, open discussion and action planning.

         In addition to our weekly coffee meetings, DFW Deplorables coordinate a variety of conservative outreach events. We have happy hours, lunch meetings, patriotic rallies and more throughout the year. All of our upcoming events are posted on our events page.

What We Don’t Do:

         DFW Deplorables recognizes there are several wonderful conservative groups in our area who are fighting the good fight, just as we are doing. Many of these groups are political action committees (PAC’s) and accomplish great work by vetting and endorsing conservative candidates. While DFW Deplorables is not a PAC, we always welcome opportunities to exchange support and collaborate with other conservative groups. At this time, the only endorsement we will give is for President Donald J. Trump.

DFW Deplorables encourages patriots to get engaged, do their own homework, dig deep and draw their own conclusions. Critical thinking is paramount. We also believe it is important to respect the thoughts and opinions of fellow conservatives, and the right to agree to disagree without being shamed. Conservative candidates are welcome and encouraged to attend any of our events. However, solicitation of volunteers or funds for candidates is not allowed.

A Special Note Of Thanks:

         In September 2016 during a fundraising speech, Hillary Clinton made a reference to Trump supporters, describing “half of them” as “deplorables”. As a result, tens of millions of “deplorables” throughout the country instantly embraced the label like a badge of honor. We would like to sincerely thank Hillary for this infamous comment and invaluable gift, which led to naming our group DFW Deplorables, proving that, “all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28). There are no coincidences.

Check out our group on Telegram. https://t.me/dfwdeplorables

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Contact us via email: info@dfwdeplorables.com